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It is our passion for game play that makes our games what they are. With over 30 years of game making our drive is making games with the old style game playing values, modern phone ease of use and play anywhere mentality.


Snake Quest 3D Characters

With some of the most fun game characters around, getting crazy new characters and snaking away has never been this fun!


Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

Nicolas Cage

Story Of Snake Quest 3D
And How It Became So Snakey

I wanted to remake the classic snake game, and after looking around at others around, none got close to what I wanted, so I started to write, I started by making it in 2D with Phaser, after the first time I scraped it and restarted as I wanted to make things faster and change some basic setup with screen resizing.

At this point I was given a full time job outside of England in Thailand for 3 years, a amazing place to live but the job (warehouse with web page and App work) took up all my time and the game got put on hold.

On getting back to home and England I putting aside 6 months to work on a 3D snake game with the game play I had developed in the previous two versions, having spent 6 months beforehand learning Unity I put every of bit of my passion, years of classic gaming, my love for the snake game as well as I understanding of phone game market into Snake Quest 3D

This game is not just six months of my life, with early mornings and late nights, but 30 years of hard work, and more miss turns and dead ends than a snake in a snake game. But it is not just me, I have also had help along the way from other codes, graphic artists and a cool team that have shared in my passion.


Is our founder and software neurosurgeon. With over 30 years of coding games and is the main driving force behind Lark Games.

I have been involved in the computer game industry for many a year, going back to the 1980`s

I grew up in Gremlin Graphics offices exchanging code with other codes, being amazed at full colour scrolling on the Commodore 64 and the first synthesis speech, half an hour to upload to the PC on tape for 10 seconds of Kung Fu Fighting.

In the 1990`s I got involved in the music side of the industry and patent a MP3 Jukebox with in UK

I have been a hobbies game maker for years, with a passion for the old style game play.

Some screen shots of Snake Quest 3D.

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